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Imagativ, llc provides website and internet system design and development.  Imagativ designers and developers are led by seasoned strategists and clients are supported by a highly responsive service team. We have been working with client side marketers, entrepreneurs and agencies for over 15 years providing focused scalable custom products and solutions.

It Starts with an Idea

If it can be imagined, it can be created.  The user experience is constantly evolving.  Internet technologies provide the means for exploiting opportunities and disrupting behaviors.  The Imagativ team is fluid in the design and development of user interfaces, responsive design, native apps, database design and LAMP based system development.  We can scale your web-based assets along side the evolution of your business.  Imagativ is your partner for creating and leveraging your online presence.

We Do Things Differently

A turnkey approach to custom solutions - Your business is unique and the assets that support it should reflect that.   Project management and the elements that compose a solution are turnkey.  The end product suited to your specifications is unique.  The marriage of both by our professionals balances strategy, scope and investment.

CPASS Information Management System

Imagativ clients know ease and speed to market along with competitive performance is crucial for online success.  Our CPASS Information Management System provides development, administrative and content management teams flexible tools to build and and manage their online assets.

Client Profile & Approach


Websites and web-based systems are highly complex requiring professional talent to build and maintain solutions.  Imagativ has a history of working with in-house teams and custom tailoring consulting, solutions and support to their strategies and campaigns.  Imagativ is able to round out your in-house tech team or serve as a complete outsource team for all your web-based requirements.

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Business Owners and Entrepreneurs leverage our talents for a wide range of solutions.  From developing the first stages of an online presence to building online businesses.  Leveraging the power of our CPASS Information Management System along with our suite of talent, we are able to expand entrepreneurs' online presence in step with the evolution of their businesses.

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Web and digital services are an imperative component of all advertising and public relations agencies.  Imagativ provides a sub-consultant or co-branding approach to meet the end client objectives of projects and campaigns.  Our services are modular: we can cover all aspects of the project life cycle or plug in a specific discipline to round out your team's talent pool to meet projects specifications.   

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Despite the  abundance of turn key software packages available, Imagativ builds and maintains systems specific to company operations concerns.  Popular custom applications requested include intranets, private websites, performance & accounting tools for sales administration and sales support tools to name a few.  Developing a private web-based system is suitable for focused enterprise solutions and private data management needs.  Imagativ focuses on what is needed for your goals with a modular approach for future expansion.  

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How We Work With You


Clients who utilize the Subscription model pay a monthly retainer in exchange for a block of hours.  This approach provides clients with access to the entire Imagativ talent pool to support various projects,content management and campaign goals.  Subscription clients receive priority scheduling for their tasks and dedicated support for the inevitable unknowns for both threats and opportunities.  The Subscription model is also beneficial for exploratory projects and support needs, especially after the completion of a project.

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Tasks are a la carte services for Imagativ client who have done a project or for new clients who have a website or system we are able to work on after we perform an audit of the asset.  The Tasks approach is appropriate for properties that require less attention or infrequent support tasks and only when requested by the client.  imagativ will work on LAMP based sites include WordPress.  Tasks clients generally have the time or staff to manage their content.  This is a popular approach for owners of smaller sites that may request an enhancement to design or function only when their business shifts.

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The Project approach focused one single custom web-based product that encompasses all stages of a project delivery process including planning, design, development, content management, review and deployment.  Projects usually have a well defined scope and a fixed budget with provisions for change orders.  Projects vary in scope from small brochure sites for marketing support to large systems to bring an entrepreneur's idea to market.  We will develop websites on WordPress or our proprietary CPASS system and will develop systems on our CPASS system. 
 Upon completion, many clients will choose to continue a working relationship through Subscription or Tasks services based of ongoing support needs.

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Our Popular Services


We define UI Design as the balance of expression, instigation and communication to provoke desired action. The goal is conversion, a measurable action by your site visitor that can be compared to your goals. This can range from joining a mailing list to executing a financial transaction.  Imagativ designers consider that experience across devices and will work with you to manage expectations that are suitable for the business and ability to adapt and support success.


Website development and database management are in high demand for all our audiences.  Currently, updating sites to be ADA compliant, updating layout of responsive design to optimize for device user experiences and expanding functionality for collection and utilization of data including forms, database management and reporting are the focus of requests.  This is driven by a host of factors including regulatory requirements, user demand and the decrease in costs for managing data.


Training, maintenance and support ensures that site owners will utilize their web-based asset successfully.  In addition to training and support, business owners have confidence that someone is monitoring site integrity, attacked, routine services and hosting services to preempt issues when possible and be responsive when they happen by chance.  No technology is guaranteed.  Our reliance on it is only possible when you have a team dedicated to helping you through the challenges of surprise and change.

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